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Monday, October 03, 2005
Yet even more decisions

Thus in the wake of my sixth day without an IATSE call, sitting by the phone, surfing mindlessly, I discover... I can finally get into the camera union. But alas, things are not all joy and bliss, as with everything balanced in life, there is good with the bad.

The good? One of my main film goals, to become a cinematographer (yes I want to direct, but so does almost everyone else crewing on a set) has become possibly a step closer, as I may be able to gain permittee status within the appropriate union. Yayayayay!

The bad? Well, for starters, a camera trainee gets paid minimum wage. It seems being a lighting tech has made me soft. The going rate is anywhere from $20 upward (the BC film commission seems to give soft deals to all the productions, giving guaranteed discounted salaries for crew memebers). Slash this to minimum wage (aka $8 per hour). As such, I'll still need to light as well as camera trainee just to make the ends meet. It may seem like a juggle, but I haven't had a gig in six days, and as such, minimum wage is better than zero for these slow days.

Then stupid me checked out my other non-directorial film joy. Editing. I need to investigate that side further, as the unions are typically vague as to divulging black and white requirements. I may be able to squeak through there too. Then I remember what this man (on the left) said...

Commit yourself to one discipline... you'll get more work that way...

neolithic pondered at 11:20
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