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Friday, November 18, 2005
Another rare day off...

And to start with, I have a confession. Well, a confession to those of you who don't know me. For those who do, this is redundant.

I am a fan of...

yes, none other than Harry Potter. Not that there's anything wrong with it. It is smartly written (and shot), yet has that sense of youth that makes me feel younger, even if for a time. Brilliant, I say. Brilliant.

Anyhow, Dawn and I went to see the most recent film adaptation, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today, on opening day, extending my opening day streak for filmologies to include the Star Wars Saga, The Lord of the Rings, Austin Powers, and now all four Harry Potter films. Sadly vacant, I was a foetus for the original Godfather, only a year and change for the Godfather Part II, though I did see the Godfather Part III on opening day in 1990, on Christmas day (god Mom loved me for that... NOT!).

As not to spoil the film for all you eager movie goers, I will say that I found the film to be the best of them all. All four films were incredibly well done, and I am probably attributing the maturing of the character and storyline to the overall score of the film. Having said that, I'm not quite looking forward to year five, though year six, The Half Blood Prince, should be brilliant.

This brings me to my real point. Yes, by the way, I know I'm long winded. You'll live. Meh. I've read, and heard Dawn comment on a number of internet reviews about the most recent Potter film. The overall gist was that there was some level of disappointment because certain bits from the book were left out, or this was included when this wasn't. Hearing all of this reminds me of this man.

Well, okay, cartoon character. Yes, Comic Book Guy. The guy who whinges and complains about every continuity error, story discrepancy, and mild flaw between comic/story and film. This man is the scourge of the film world and should be shot. What do you think the odds are that all the negative posts about the latest Potter film are from Comic Book Guy wannabe's? The actual amusing aspect is when I overhear said individuals in a theater, where they are trying to act like they know things about film, and then I in about 5 minutes take all their confidence and flush it down the toilet, and ask them to respect the artform.

As such, I leave everyone with these ideas for thought.

1. The best book to film adaptations that exist typically are short stories to feature films. Just solely based on one premise. The short story does not need to be edited to fit the typical 2 hour timeframe a feature sits within. It actually allows room for some extra elaboration to really bring the story home. Now the Goblet of Fire is 636 pages. As such, a good part of the book has to be edited out for the film to exist within it's 2 1/2 hour time frame. As such, go in expecting this. It will make the film experience more enjoyable.

2. Don't be that guy. And by that guy, I mean Comic Book Guy. Otherwise you'll end up abstinant (and not voluntarily) for decades.

3. Never let anyone else make up your mind about a film. If you have to know, go see it. And don't pirate it. Actually watch a legitimate copy. Us film crew types lose jobs to piracy.

That is all. For now.
neolithic pondered at 22:18
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