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Friday, November 25, 2005
Battle of the Canadian Divas

And FYI, this is not about Diva's like this person here, though I have to ask how a "devil" *cough* is a Diva?

No, I'm talking about this fantastic singer

And, this one, whose voice rings through the man-repellant film, Titanic.

Well, it seems Dawn and myself are at a disagreement about this one. I prefer Shania, whom I feel has more performing energy and, well, is more attractive. Dawn, on the other hand, feels that age has caught up to Shania, and Celine is both more attractive, and furthermore, a better singer.

Now, singing is in the ear of the beholder (mainly because the eye isn't the intended organ used to listen to a song), so I'll leave it up to you, the commenting public (okay there's five of you apart from Dawn and I, and here's crossing fingers someone replies).

Though I will leave you with this one parting comment. Dawn believes I'm stacking the deck picking the not quite so flattering image of Celine. However, I believe it's harder to find a bad pic of Shania than it is of Celine. And, if my euclidian proof is acurate,

neolithic pondered at 13:50
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