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Monday, November 14, 2005
Eddie Guerrero 1967 - 2005

I am deeply saddened by the passing of Eddie Guerrero. And before I go on, I'll answer the obvious questions. Yes, I like wrestling. Yes, I know the outcomes are pre-determined. But, none the less, I have been a viewer of the action in the ring for over 20 years.

Eddie was more than a tremendous in-ring talent. He is also someone who has brought himself back from the brink fighting alcohol and drug addiction. He is a tribute to the human character for this. No matter how much support one has, you still have to make the decision to fight and stick with it. He has always been a constant reminder of how persistance and the strength of the will can help one overcome any obstacle.

He was also a great entertainer, whose presence filled any arena he entered. Wether baby-face or heel, he always played the role well, and was always loved by the fans.

Farewell Eddie, until we meet again. You shall be sorely missed.
neolithic pondered at 22:58
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