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Monday, November 07, 2005
The joys of taking things out of context

And with that in mind, the top ten things I heard this week, taken completely out of context. Well, I find them amusing. Meh.

10. Suzanne sucks pussy!
9. [name deleted] is a useless tit.
8. ... take a fag, grab it by the butt, and suck on it for hours.
7. Ugghh... Smallville.
6. What did you do with my "W"?
5. ...second place is just the nice way of saying first loser!
4. With you out of the way, I can have more of my sexy parties!
3. Meh, buh, snuh, and Ghilk.
2. Working on this show is like working every 20th day for free.
1. My Mom's friend doesn't even know how to spell Dawn!

neolithic pondered at 23:18
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