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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
MCF Questionaire Episode II

Originally set out by MCF, found via Wendy.

1) There's good news and there's bad news. The good news is that, for a few brief moments, you've experienced a taste of a super power, a one-time only psychic flash of a future event. The bad news is that you're now the only person on the planet who knows that an asteroid is going to collide with the Earth in three days. People are going to have a hard time believing your story--what do you do?

Well, in the sense of good news and bad news, the good news is I'd try everything humanly possible to spread the word. Seeing as I had three days, I'd try things such as Speaker's Corner, up to trying to attain airtime on CBC and the like, to try to spread the word fast so we can at least use the time to prepare as best as possible. The bad news is that I highly doubt anyone would listen to me if I was announcing the Canucks won the Stanley Cup, let alone the end of the world.


2) If you could be marooned on a desert island with any three sitcom stars, past or present, who would they be and why?

Seeing as it's sit-com's, and not animated implied in the question, I'll leave my answers as the actor, followed by the character that inspired the choice in parenthesis.

1. Jason Alexander (George Costanza). Hell, he has to have some discipline and self control. He won The Contest after all.

2. Rick Mercer (Richard Strong). He's the only executive producer at Pyramid who actually knows what's going on and ISN'T being hit on by Alan Roy (played by Peter Keleghan).

3. Danny Masterson (Steven Hyde). We have to have our source for herb, you know.

3) Who and what was your first pet? Alternately, if you've never had a pet, feel free to explain why.

Well, officially, I had a dog, for a day, when I was four (and I actually remember it through all the THC deformed brain cells... genius). He bit me and the day after, Dad gave him away. Can't remember the name, though. Meh.

4) What's the worst thing you've ever tasted, intentionally or otherwise?

On a culinary side of things, my Dad, the munga cake he is (okay I am too, well sort of), tried to make marinara sauce from tomato paste, without trying to make the paste into a sauce.

Ugghhh. If you can't cook Italian, don't try.

Non-culinary, probably my weekly bout with acid reflux really sucks ass.

5) After months of research, you finally perfect a cybernetic helmet that will allow its wearer to operate any vehicle with quick reflexes and unparalleled expertise. Such a device would have to be tested first, and you wouldn't risk anyone else's life but your own, noble scientist that you are. What do you drive/fly/sail first and where?

I would fly a stealth bomber to Rome with Dawn, and forget about the experiment, and sightsee for weeks. So there!
neolithic pondered at 22:31
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