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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
MCF Questionaire Episode III - Revenge of the Questions

Though truly he dubbed it Part II for some reason. Maybe the count started later than I figured.

Pfftt. I work in film. Reality is for those who have no creativity.

As such, here we go.

M.C.F.A.T. Volume II

1) [Down there] in the U.S., Thanksgiving is nearly upon [them]. Name any one thing in your life that you were ungrateful for, and how you feel about it now.
For not fitting in, even now, and feeling disjointed with my surroundings, and more importantly, myself. As such, I went through trying to be good at a lot of things, that although show interest in some areas here and there, like science, psychology, sociology, even sales and business, and though film always captivated me, it took thirty years of my life to realize it was my future, and more importantly, gave me the confidence to pursue such a lofty, improbable goal. Even now, working (somewhat) in my field of choice, because of the delay, I am quite disjointed with my environment. Thank God for Dawn. She makes the pain go away. Every second of the day.

2) What kind of superhero would you be? An inspirational icon like Captain America or Superman, or someone dark and tortured like Wolverine or the Batman?
Not that it has been made blatantly obvious by the answer to the last question, but someone dark and tortured, and though Dawn will disagree, I would have to go with the Batman. And I say "The" Batman, as I am making an attempt to call to the darkest, most vigilante incarnation of the Dark Knight. There are true horrors in each of our pasts, we are all loners by nature, but the Batman, like myself, has always been far more focused on his dark past and how it has predertermined his future. Every thought, feeling, and action is directed toward it. It chews at him, eats him every day, and God forbid you ever cross his path. Or mine.

3) What's the weirdest or freakiest dream you've ever had? Have you ever had a recurring dream?
I don't have many freaky dreams, which is rather odd being a Lynch fan. However, I have a recurring Lynch location in my dreams, with recurring characters. That would be the Red Room from Twin Peaks, featuring myself (as Coop), Bob, Mike, and the Arm.

4) If you were chosen to be among the first pioneers to settle in a space station orbiting the Earth, would you accept and if so, what role would you play in the community?
Yes, as moving 4,500 km out west has taught me, the change out to the frontier, like the move of western Europe to the New World, has given me such a fresh, new start. As for my role, the documentarian assembling video footage and story and fact so that generations can experience and learn from our experiences.

5) No! Not here! Anywhere but here! You swore you'd never come back, and now suddenly here you are! Where are you?
Windsor, Ontario, Canada, to reap vigilante justice like the Batman. Maybe.
neolithic pondered at 20:08
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