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Friday, November 11, 2005
Meme's to fill in the writer's block... again, and again, and, well, so forth...

Stolen erm... borrowed from Suzie (no blog addy... at least that I know of...)

What you do full time:
During the non-winter season, I'm a permittee Lighting Technician through IATSE 891 here in Vancouver. Off season, well, I'm still looking for something seasonal to stop doing construction labour.

What you would rather be doing:
Working on directing some film or documentary. What I should be doing pre-production for right now. Nothing like a ten minute sabbatical, eh?

Do you like banana sandwiches:
I don't like banana, so I'll let you figure out the blank on this one...

Do you like banana hammocks:
What the duece are you talking about? Damn Lois, damn the broccoli, and damn the banana hammocks!!

What you're listening to right now:
Sycamore Trees by Jimmy Scott, co-written by David Lynch.

The last thing you ate:
A quarter chicken dinner combo at Swiss Chalet.

Do you wish on stars:
Not in the traditional sense, though I do engage in ritual exercises to improve myself daily.

Do the wishes come true:
Well, I'm one of the only ones from my school to continue working in my chosen field (well, chosen industry).

Color of crayon you would be:
Black or green, or a mix of both.

What it's like outside right now:
It's Vancouver, well, okay, Burnaby, so without opening the door or looking out the window, I'll have to go with raining.

Last person who phoned you:
IATSE dispatch.

Last person you phoned:
IATSE dispatch. Yup, my life is so exciting, isn't it?

What can you say about the person who sent this to you:
Well, I think if Suzie wants to work in film, she better get her and Garo's butt out west already.

How old are you:
Thirty... erm... something... I refuse to divulge any more on the grounds it may age me.

Favorite drink ever:
Stella Artois!!. It kicks Guiness's ass!

Favourite sport to watch on TV:
Hockey, especially Sunday when Vancouver completely dismantles Detroit. And as some funny trivia, Detroit is named suchly as the French described the river between Windsor and Detroit as le detroit, which translates as "Strait".

Natural or coloured hair:
No girlie questions!! I'm a guy. I don't mess with the hair. I just get it cut when Dawn gets annoyed.

Do you wear contacts/glasses:
Yes I do. To read, do computer work, camera work, and the like.

5 Zebra Finches. The parents, Vito and Gracie, and the kids, who have just recently made an appearence, haven't been named yet as Dawn has not quite ascertained the gender of the three offspring.

Fave month:
August. When I first met Dawn face to face.

Fave season:
L'hiver, pour la jeu de hockey est le ski d'alpine!

Favourite food:
Penne arrabiata.

Last movie you watched at the theatre:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and soon to be Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which both Dawn and I want to see on opening night!

Last movie on DVD:
The story of my life, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Jana, no gay jokes please.

Favourite day each year:
May 3. Dawn and my anniversary.

Date you blow your candles out:
Every night. Oops, you mean my birthday, don't you. 19 December.

What you do to vent:
Feel the hate swell within me, becoming closer and closer to the dark side of the Force.

Your favourite toy as a child:
My Star Wars toys. Can you say dork yet?

Hugs or kisses:
Only from my Dawn.

Cherry or Blueberry:
Neither. Yup, still a dork, and you can add freak now too.

Do u want your friends to email you back:
Seeing as I'm converting (well kinda) an email to a blog post, just please link back.

Who you're in love with:
Dawn. Not spelled Dworn, Dorn, or Dawnagan.

Who you hate:
Hmm... Dubya, all his gang, and a few who crossed me in the past few years.

Living arrangements:
In a one bedroom flat with Dawn.

Last time you cried:
A few weeks back when Dawn and I had a serious row.

What is on the floor of your closet:
A bunch of crap we can't find a proper home for right now. Yup, sad, sad, sad.

Under your bed:
Carpet, concrete, soil, gravel, granite, feldspar, if you go deep enough, molten lava.

Friend you have had the longest:
Todd. Known him literally ALL MY LIFE!!

What you did last night:
Finished up a day call, drove home, and smoked a fatty.

What you're afraid of:
Heights in unusual circumstances, like riding Genie lifts. Dying also.

Plain, cheesy or spicy Burgs:
The Good-Morning Burger. We take a quarter pound of ground beef, cook it in rich, creamery butter. Then we top it with cheese, bacon, ham, and a fried egg.

Favourite car:
Lamboghini Diablo Roadster 1999.

Favourite dog breed:
I'm not so much a dog fan, but Dawn loves Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, though her "favorite" tends to change each day that ends in the letter "Y".

Number of keys on your key ring:
Without looking, five.

What they're for:
My parents house, our flat, the car, and two keys for dad's work. And a key-fob for the car.

Years you've been at your current job:
Five months.

Favourite day of the week:
Five Dollar Fridays. Too bad the teamster's always win. Gits, slowing down the production and all...

Where do you go after you die:
In the ground...

The last thing you read:
Star Wars and Philosophy. Add "Total Nerd" to the resume, okay?

Are you more likely to say Yes or No?
Neither, I choose to say RIGHT instead!
neolithic pondered at 22:52
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