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Thursday, November 24, 2005
Who the hell needs a power ranking anyway?

Something in the world of hockey has been irking me of late. Well, amongst one of the five bloggers who actually reads my tripe, Peter. A proud supporter of the Dead Red Wings, and with our whose team is better argument, which I've won twice so far this year, as the Canucks are too much for the Wings to handle, keeps bringing up the NHL power Rankings, just like in a post such as this.

It's funny. When I watch Hockey Night in Canada on CBC, nobody talks about "power rankings" or the like. The only sore spot these days is Coaches Corner, as it has become a sell out to the one American team in Canada, the Toronto Make Me Laughs. Too bad Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton are better. No more "Canada's Team" for America Jr.


I rolled over the actual link, and found this amusing tidbit. The rankings Peter reads is from Fox Sports. And being from one of the few states in America with an actual hockey tradition, I had expected more from him. How soon we all forget the blasphemy that Fox brought to hockey broacasts. Yes, the computer enhanced glow around the puck, aka the glow in the dark Fox puck, which allowed obviously blind American viewers better follow the hard to see small puck. To this I ask one question. How hard is it to see a black disc on a white surface?

But Fox, in my honest opinion, is still bitter at the revenue loss they suffered by a deal cut thirty years ago. Yes, young, aspiring film director George Lucas, trying to put out Star Wars, signed a deal with Fox, who didn't 100% believe in the film, signed over all royalties if Lucas independently financed the film.

Oops. Anyhow, to make up for the multi-billion dollar error, Fox expanded to broadcasting. The NFL diversified the operation to sports, but the true gauge of the Fox empire is the Fox News Network. Yes, the one news source that makes CNN look unbiased. Nothing like having an agenda along the lines of Triumph of the Will.

To make matters worse for Fox, I checked CNNSI, TSN, and ESPN's sites, and all had power ratings. And they were all different.

I guess the power rankings really are subjective at best. So much for claims that "my team is best because of a power ranking". Also, it seems Fox is not a reputable broadcaster. Stick to films. And for certain Red Wing fans, see you in the playoffs, if you can avoid the recently traditional "Detroit Early Exit".

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 22:41
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