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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Cloutier out 4 months

Well, after injuring his knee in the first period of the Canucks/Mighty Ducks game on November 20, Vancouver's beloved Dan Cloutier is going under the knife on Thursday for ligament knee surgery, which will keep him out of the Canucks lineup for four months.

Details here.

As for me, I am a little mixed about the situation. Though I don't go on about it in detail here, I'm not the world's biggest Cloutier fan. And in that, I mean I really don't think he's the man for the starting job here in Vancouver. I've had enough arguments with others here about it, and I've come to two conclusions.

One, Cloutier IS a starting goalie. No doubts about it.

Two, Cloutier is NOT a Stanley Cup goaltender. He's been given enough chances to stand strong in the playoffs, but hasn't met the expectation.

In my eyes, Vancouver's recent playoff successes can be summed up in two words...


In the two most recent post-seasons, when Vancouver has began to make legitimate runs for the cup, he's been the one star to shine over all others.

However, the goalies have fell flat. And this is a horrible way for Alex Auld to prove himself as a starter, in the wake of a serious injury to a well loved teammate. But myself, I'm looking in the direction the Canucks need to go. We need to get to the cup. NOW. And frankly Cloutier isn't the carry the team to the promised land goalie we'll need, like a Khabibulin or Kipprusoff.

Alex Auld, now is your time to shine. And to Dan, best wishes for a speedy recovery. And when you get back, prove me wrong.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 21:04
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