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Wednesday, December 07, 2005
The Golden World is Reviewed

Well, it happened late last week, though my brain has returned to the world of reality just long enough to make a note of it.

As such...

Teh Blogfather has posted my review. The link is on the left. I must say two things.

First, the picture is VERY flattering. I can only hope to be as good looking one day.

Second, for some odd reason, Star Wars becomes Lord of the Rings. Fair enough, both great sagas (as Star Wars was never really a trilogy), but unfortunately, Lord of the Rings just doesn't match the artistic levels of all David Lynch films (okay, you can exclude Dune), the Godfather (which the blog in itself is somewhat of an homage), and the relatively normal works of Stanley Kubrick. Meh. Lord of the Rings is a good film, though Sidious would have no problem defeating Sauron and bringing order to the Galaxy.

On other notes, for the 2005 Canadian Blog Awards, it seems I fell short to making it to the second round. I only got 8 votes.

Meh. Thanks to Dawn and the other seven voters. Seems I have three more readers than I anticipated.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 13:02
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