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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
My one big bitch from work

Well, as many (okay, all five of you) readers from work may attest to, or may not, hell I can't guage who pays attention to this blog or not...


I am working currently at Best Buy during the winter to make ends meet. Ugghh. I know. But the employee discount makes up for it, seeing as I want to get a Mac G5, DVD Player, and upgrade the home theatre a tad (right now it's a used TV on a milk crate with a PS2). Dealing with customers is fine, even when they ask asinine questions such as "Is the lifespan of a Plasma TV actually 25 years?", seeing as Plasma TV's haven't been around for 25 years, and as such, all figures are no more than estimates. No, this is what really irks me.

"You mean just getting the High Definition television isn't enough? I have to buy an HD cable box and Component/HDMI cables?"

I guess this must translate, for the technologically challenged, as "I need more than the TV. As in $500 to $1000 for additional equipment?" Maybe the whole revolution makes too much sense to me (technologically speaking). For those who are in the confusion zone, and you're thinking of buying a High Definition Television, here's a few things to consider. And don't come to the Queensborough Best Buy without reading this please.

1. A chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. As such, having a TV that is HD ready, but a standard TV cable will not magically become High Definition. You need a High Definition decoder box, which translates the digital signal in your coaxial cable, the one coming out of the wall, so it may be delivered to your television. This can run you $400. Also, YOU MUST ALSO SUBSCRIBE TO HIGH DEFINITION CHANNELS FROM YOUR CABLE/SATTELITE SUBSCRIBER.

2. Continuing on the first point, you also need connecting cables to deliver the High Definition signal from the box to your television. This point is of paramount importance. THE CABLES IN THE TV BOX OR DIGITAL CABLE BOX ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Not by a long shot. You should put away an additional $200 easily for these cables.

3. If sound is of importance to you, you should get a Dolby 5.1 (minimum) reciever, plus their own cables. Again the ones in the box aren't enough. They don't broadcast 5 seperate channels in two wires. You need a digital co-axial/digital fibre-optic. Again, $200 plus the cost of the reciever/speaker set up.

Now, technologically, I can understand many people may not recognize which components to buy, but for crying out loud, do we live in such a throw money around as a bandaid society that their High Definition desires will not be solely filled by throwing thousands of dollars at a Television set? If that is so, and you have that much disposable income, would you mind...

neolithic pondered at 00:09
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