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Thursday, December 15, 2005
Sometimes I'm Too Political For My Own Good

But alas, some things just dig me too much.

As such, I'd like to reccomend the following entry into Wikipedia.

Political Suicide

See Stephen Harper.

Yes, it seems our dear Stephen is at it again. All through the campaign so far, we as Canadians have been literally BORED TO DEATH with this lame 30 second commercial, which is designed to be a mock television interview, in which Mr. Harper declares that he will help more Canadians get involved in the trades, and put money into helping said people buy tools.

YAWN. Stephen, you have about as much personality as a pet rock. Was that your only pet as a child?

Now there seems to be part II to the ever inventive 2 shot video. Yes, our dear Mr. Harper has become strong on his stance against drugs, but more specifically, against the violence that arises from it's illegal trade in our streets and communities.

Now, as opposed to making a statement as to the ethical and moral implications of wether or not certain drugs are dangerous and should or should not be criminal, I will, however, in a rare turn of events, agree with Stephen on one aspect of the issue.

We do have to take some form of serious action against all the violence, shootings, and localized terror that criminal activities, including, but not exclusively limited to the illegal trade of narcotic substances. Any society that lives in fear or terror of some threat must do something to effect change.

But in saying that, I would rather challenge Mr. Harper and the other leadership candidates in the election to back up the good intentions of Canadians uniting in a strong front on the war against drugs. When boiled back to the basic principles, we are spurred into action for fear of comprimise to our safety. In saying that, I believe that there is a threat, going not only unopposed, but one that funds our friends in Ottawa very heavily.

Tobacco. Yup, smoking. It kills far more Canadians than gang violence ever will. And the funny thing? The slow, methodical killer of approximately 45,000 Canadians each year makes the total 622 homicides in the whole of Canada in 2004 pale in comparison.

The only measure I can see the government has placed into effect in recent years has been to heavily tax cigarettes, as to make the expense of the toxin a deterrent to smokers. Well, guess what. Smokers have chosen to sacrifice other things to buy their cigarettes. As harsh as this may sound, they know the habit can kill them, they want to quit, but they can't.

Sounds more like entrapment to me. And entrapment that makes the government more and more and more money as they raise their deterrent, or rather all the taxes involved in the purchase of tobacco.

So I, as a concerned Canadian, offer this challenge, not only to Mr. Harper, but rather, to Mr. Martin, Mr. Layton, and Mr. Duceppe, as a chance to live up to their promises of a safer and better Canada, which seems to underly each of their campains. Okay, so Gilles platform is about a soveriegn, but safe Quebec.


For Jack Layton, Paul Martin, or Stephen Harper, lets face it. It could help you sweep Ontario, which, funnily enough, could win you a majority in government. At bare minimum, you could win a minority.

Scared of losing votes from non-smokers? Most non-smokers I know realize the dangers, and do want to quit, but merely lack the willpower to do so. Though it would be an inconvenience at first, let's face it, most who do want to quit will, and will be healthier for it in the long run.

For all you vigilant readers who agree with me, I've set up an online petition here. Spread the word. Link back to here or to the petition. Make Canada smoke free. We've lost too many of our family and friends to the profits of the cigarette manufacturers. Stop the killing for profit.

That is all.
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