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Friday, December 09, 2005
Stanley Cup Preview

Yup, the Eastern Conference Ottawa Senators are headed to the Garage tonight to give us the one game preview of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Ottawa vs. Vancouver.

Yup. No Leafs, no Habs, no Alberta. Sens vs. 'Nucks.

But to that soon. Now, about five days ago, we had a hockey game. About two days too much for a layoff, but when Boston (sans Winnie the Pooh jerseys) lost to the 'Nucks 5-2.

Well, the Bert-accu-scoreTM for the match was 5-0. Hmm, due to the two extra rest days scheduled for the Canucks, which made us feel like the lockout was back, Boston was rewarded for the layoff with two extra goals, making the mark 5-2, giving us...

Utter Golden PerfectionTM.

As for tonights contest, this will definitely be the toughest opponent (less the 500 times we've played Quebec this season) to date, and the Bert-accu-scoreTM for the game shall be

Canucks 5 Senators 4

Cha Gheill!!
neolithic pondered at 12:09
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