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Monday, January 30, 2006
Bejeezus... I haven't posted in a few days

Nor had I responded to an email sent by my mother, 4500 km away, in well over a week. Upon further reflection, after coming home from work, I have very little energy these days. Then it begins to hit me. In the summer, when I was working 14 hour days, on an average week about 3-4 days, I came home and had loads of energy. It was just my body that refused when Dawn wanted us to go to somewhere like Lynn Canyon or Barnet Marine Park, though the latter became great when I got my sea fishing licence and we went crabbing (though over a month we got two of legal size). But now, only working 8 hours, it a much lower physically demanding position, I come home just spent.

Why? Well, as I emailed a response finally to my worried mother, it DAWNed on me (no pun intended. Okay, maybe there was). I'm just simply not enjoying selling televisions in the same way I enjoy making films. Hell, I felt better coming home from the shit festival that is production on Smallville than I do from Best Buy.

But it's just a retail job, so many say. It's crappy, but it's straightforward, isn't it? Well, to give a bit of insight, Dawn made this post, based loosely on things I've gone through from time to time at the "Big Blue Box". Then one night I came home rather down, having not suggested something on a big sale, that mind you did have an overall good margin for the store. Sure enough though, in my enbittered mood, I stumbled on BestBuySux.org, and started to read the negative comments posted by current, but mostly former employees.

Wow. I really mean it. There's so many parallels amongst all the stores. I'm not going to go into real details here, but if you want some kind of idea, follow the link from above. To the few friends I've shown the site to, they've been shocked.

Anyhow, I do want to make a couple of broad points here. First off, sales associates do NOT get paid commission. Yes, the adverts from TV are true. Non-commission. However, it isn't like a grocery store or Wal-Mart or the like, where the associates just help you find things. We are required to suggest service plans, cables, batteries, etc. They do put a lot of pressure on us to perform. But here's the kicker. We don't make much more than minimum wage. We get paid next to nothing, but are expected to perform like a salesperson making $35,000+ with commissions.

McDonald's isn't looking so bad now, is it?

Secondly, it appears that management and the like are more focused on finding mistakes as opposed to looking at the good people are doing. Having managed a sales force in the past, I know from my experiences that coming from the negative side of things yeilds negative results. Surprise, surprise, surprise. And you wonder why you read so many things at BestBuySux.org.

As for me, I'm just counting the 60 remaining days until April, when a great many films and TV shows will be back in town. I don't have to slice the budget with a razor, and will have my energy back.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 14:44
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