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Monday, January 02, 2006
Blogwards 2005 Episode II - Attack of the Posts

Yes, round two of seven. Tonight's category:


Well, as for my almost daily reads, you are definitely exempt, as you update very regularly. And if you follow those clique types who want to impose rules to qualify for the status of a blogger, by posting once a day (or whatever other daft value they put in just to make themselves proud of their own drivel), you too do not qualify for this award.

2005's winner of this prestigious award is my best friend, Todd, who at his blog, made a grand total of seven posts for the year. As such Todd, I hereby award you with this buttonTM

No yellow cards or red cards though, as Todd hasn't changed his addy or his hosting a dozen times over the year.

That is all. Until tomorrow.

neolithic pondered at 21:46
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