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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Blogwards 2005 Episode III - Revenge of the Jimmy

Has it been 24 hours already? Well, actually, it feels longer. Our dear friend Jimmy wasn't at work today :(

As such, this is the next award:


And, in case you haven't guessed, this award goes to the same Jimmy I work with, for his completely random yet hilarious blog, Jimmy Rules the World. To give some highlights of his entries, he includes the following topics:

His review of Dance 360, which in itself looks more like wanting to watch booty based on the pic.

A combination of Linux with S&M.

A Klingon Christmas card, along with some commonly (well okay, not so commonly) used Klingon phrases.

And the best yet, a self revealing look at what Jimmy is like drunk.

This blog is so random, it has several incarnations elsewhere in the blogosphere. But, for being a good sport and a ton of fun to work with, I hereby award Jimmy with this button:

But, for not updating hyperlinks to his other blogs, I hereby award Jimmy

That is all. Until tomorrow.

neolithic pondered at 21:19
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