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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Blogwards 2005 Episode IV - A New Hope

Yeah, yeah, so Lucas can sue me for that one.


As such, on to tonights Blogward:


Well, we have Blogs Canada, Blog Explosion, Blogazoo, Blogwise, Blog blah blah blah. What an absolutely boring listing for many people's exciting (maybe) lives. Enter Teh Blogfather. Eric, the man who runs the free blog promotion, has a rather askew view of the world, which is, in itself, refreshing. Check out his review of A Golden World:
Yeeeee-haaaaah! And we are off, ladies and gents, with another totally shway, totally blogadelic round, huzzaaaah! Now, no self-respecting Star Wars fanatic can call himself a jedi until he has met Neooolithiiiic "Tha Dark Lord" Sidiuuuuus! [And the ladies go: helloooooo jedi!] I battled Tha Dark Lord in the smoky peaks of mount Doom so I could reclaim my preciooouussssss! Hmmmmm...that may have been another movie. Anyway, his dark lair attempts to be funny and promises a golden new world where ketchup and mayonaisse shall dwell in harmony, forever and ever, amen. Show him looove!

What the duece? To re-quote what Stewie said to 50 Cent on MTV, LAY OFF THE DOOBIE. And while we're at it, I have an elegant solution to things, why don't we just kill Lois?

Oh wait, the Blogward. Well, for being wacky, and original, I hereby award Eric with the following button:

And remember, being strange is good. It's the so-called normal people who are really frightening.

That is all. Until tomorrow, with Laura, our first "volunteer" award recipient.

neolithic pondered at 21:02
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