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Saturday, January 14, 2006
I shall really try NOT to get political here.

So, as such, we'll start out with what was the beginning of my day. My Sportchek gift cards arrived via post on Friday, and as such, I finally got my long-awaited birthday present. A Vancouver Canucks jersey, which you can see here...

And, as a sidenote, as it stands as I'm posting, Vancouver is decimating the Islanders of New York by a whopping 8-1 mark (sorry Wendy, but you can't mess with the Northwest Division). And, for some extra joy, Phoenix is beating Toronto 4-3 (sorry Laura, and I won't use that wink tonight if Toronto ends up short... though I should).

Anyway, back to my story. After me getting my jersey finally, and Dawn getting a button up top on sale, we went to A&W for lunch. And this A&W is right near the corner of Gilley and Kingsway, which, ironically, is near both the Smallville sets, and also beside incumbent MP Peter Julian's election office. After a filling lunch, and still running our Saturday errands, we passed by a number of young NDP's, very excited, toting handheld signage encouraging drivers by to vote NDP. But, for whatever reason, these same young NDP supporters seemed to be right up to the edge of the curb. Furthermore, when I drove past, they were holding their signage right out over the road, and just barely missed hitting my automobile.

This led me to silently ask myself this poignant question.


As for some answers, these are just a few that I have managed to brainstorm:

1. That this sidewalk rally is actually an attempt to stop vehicles in order to properly pitch the values of the NDP to motorists while still in their cars before they can get out to asses the vehicular damage.

2. To scare motorists just enough that the sight of Peter Julian's election poster will remain in their subconscious so that come election time he is the only name we can relate to and thusly garner more votes.

3. These young people are just completely ignorant of the works of Sir Isaac Newton and basic principles of physics.

Any which way this discussion may go, I am posting an email to both Jack Layton and Peter Julian as so that I can express my concerns regarding this effort I was a direct witness to today.

So here it is...
To Jack Layton and Peter Julian:

I am a resident of the constituency of Burnaby-New Westminster, and today I was witness to something rather unique. After a lunch at the A&W right near Mr. Julian's office, I drove past his offices to witness dozens of young NDP supporters waving signage showing support for the NDP and for Mr. Julian. Being in my early thirties, I find many of my peers, friends, and acquaintances of my age and lower are somewhat dis-enchanted by the democratic process and are rather cynical about it. As you can then deduce, seeing such enthusiasm is quite refreshing.

However, I feel their enthusiasm went just a little too far. As I drove past them, in the far right lane, I noticed they were holding their signage out over the open road, and as I was beside them, I felt the signage was dangerously close to my vehicle. As such, I am worried about two things.

Firstly, damage to my vehicle. I was always taught respect, and in the matter of automobiles, never to mess with someone's car. This is definitely not an action that I feel would be condusive to encouraging more Canadians, in this case residents of Burnaby-New Westminster to vote for Mr. Julian. The last thing most of us need is an ICBC claim over this.

Secondly, I am curious as to the quality of the science program in British Columbia. Being a transplant from Ontario to work in the film industry, I underwent all my formal education in that province. As such, I wonder if Newtonian Physics is taught in high schools here. If not, I think it may be a wise idea to impress this equation onto your roadside supporters:


Where E is energy, M is the mass of the object, and V is it's velocity. Since a car on the road both weighs more than a person and is travelling much faster, the energy emparted from the car to the person is great enough to implement severe physical damage, and possibly death. I surely hope your supporters are aware of this.

I sincerely hope this issue can be resolve, as I, and many other motorists, do not want damage to their vehicles or the injury or death of a young supporter of yours on their conscience and/or record.

We do share a common goal. I am somewhat impartial to the makeup of the government, lest one true goal. Stephen Harper cannot be allowed to win. His neo-conservative values do not make sense for the majority of working class Canadians, and I do not believe he supports the growth of the arts in Canada. I sincerely hope that more people can be encouraged to not buy into his whitewash.

Jeff Vickers
And as an update, Toronto lost to Phoenix 4-3, and Vancouver defeated the New York Islanders 8-1. So, as such, no extra goal scoring. Cha Gheill!!

If you would like to email Mr. Layton or Mr. Julian, you may do so via these emails:


That is all.
neolithic pondered at 18:18
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