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Friday, January 06, 2006
It appears I am "It"

Cuz Dawn tagged me with this meme. So here we go...


Four jobs you've had in your life

1. Park Attendant/Lifeguard. The job I definitely have the most experience doing. See, my dad runs a private recreation park, and as such, took pity on the young Star Wars geek and employed him, trying to make me more "normal" by making sure there was more CH3CH2OH in my system than blood. This concept, however, had one intrinsic flaw. By the time University rolled around, I discovered Clark Hall Pub, where all that drinking skill just made me dorkier, allowing me to understand fluid mechanics extremely well.

2. Sales Rep/Associate. The job with my second highest level of experience. I've sold almost everything under the sun, and am currently still doing it right now to make my way through the slow winter here in British Columbia.

3. Mechanical Engineer. Yup, for two years, I put my first, overvalued letters and education to practical use. Too bad I liked the academic aspect, but hated the work side of the equation.

4. Film Lighting Technician. My current job (well in the summers, when Vancouver has enough shows to employ the lot of us). I've loved film all my life, yet it took nearly 30 years to realize that it was what I should do with the rest of my life. Or it took too long for all the booze I drank as a kid to wear off.

Four movies you would watch over and over

1. The Star Wars Saga. The original I saw on opening day in 1977, and I became hooked. Since then, I've seen all six (including re-releases of the original three) on all their opening days. God I'm sad, but alas, this one is strong with the Dark Side of the Force.

2. The Godfather Trilogy. I was made an offer I couldn't refuse. Again. And again. And again. Plus Pacino just plain kicks ass.

3. Mulholland Drive. David Lynch is a sheer genius, as it is clearly shown in this surrealistic film.

4. The Breakfast Club. Getting high, in school, on Saturday, while serving detention? What else do you need? Okay, the phrase "eat my shorts" was also coined in this film.

Four places you have lived

1. Montreal, PQ, Canada. My hometown. 'Nuff said.

2. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Let's put things this way. Comparing Montreal to Toronto is like comparing heaven to hell. I'm so glad to be away from there.

3. Ocala, Florida, USA. I liked the warmer winters, but the summers were so humid you couldn't go outside without losing 20 lbs of bodymass due to sweat. And I'm thin. I don't have the weight to spare.

4. Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Nowhere since Montreal has a place felt like home.

Four TV shows you love to watch

1. Family Guy. I honestly believe Seth MacFarlane used me as a model to develop the character of Stewart Gilligan Griffin. Or Snake. I quite like that. Snake Griffin.

2. Trailer Park Boys. Only on Canadian television can you see a father and 10 year old daughter doing the patch together to try to quit smoking.

3. WWE Raw and Smackdown. It's fake, the outcomes are pre-written, but at times, wrestling has some great moments.

4. The Rick Mercer Report. Rick's humourous take on Canadian and World news and events is heads and shoulders better journalism than we experience here in Canada, and is light years ahead of the propaganda "news" networks they have down south.

Four places you have been on vacation

1. Los Angeles, California, USA. What a fun, exciting yet laid back kind of city. What's really funny is during a 60 degree winter night, bar patios have propane heaters. No wonder Hollywood types don't shoot films in the winter here in Vancouver.

2. Cleveland, Ohio, USA. I've seen my fair share of Indians games, plus, Sandusky is not too far away, as so to ride the coasters at Cedar Point.

3. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. Ahh, nothing like skiing, winter Carnival, le Bonhomme de Carnival, est chaud Cariboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

4. Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada. Great skiing in the late autumn, winter, and through the spring. Along with British Columbia, it's the prettiest part of Canada (especially after driving through Saskatchewan the day before).

Four websites you visit daily [not including my blog!]

1. The Derringher Portal. Though Will has been low on the posting side of things for a while, it's great for sheer random conversation.

2. The Majority of my Blogroll. Well, at bare minimum, the ones that show some level of an update. It's weird. I have more energy to check posts while working 14-16 hour days on film sets.

3. Sportsnet.ca. I'm on two remaining online free pools, and the third, for the NFL, aka the National American Rugby League (as football is a term more apt to what North Americans call Soccer) just wrapped up, and I finished second place overall in the final week with a 14-2 standing.

4. StarWars.com. Yes. I'm a sad Star Wars fan. But deal with it, before I get Sith on your ass.

Four of your favourite foods

1. Pasta. Any shape of noodle. It doesn't matter. I just miss homemade sauce. Mom, send me some. PPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEE!!!

2. Yorkshire Puddings. But only the way Dawn makes them. She's from Yorkshire, you know.

3. Chicken. Especially from Swiss Chalet. With their special dipping sauce. But dammit, I can't find any in the grocery stores anymore. Gits. Stock it back up again already.

4. Pancakes with real Maple Syrup. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Maple Syrup. I just wish Dawn let me have it with more than just pancakes.

Four places you'd rather be:
Well, I am rather happy being here in Vancouver, BC, though it rains nearly every day here during the winter. I know I can deal with it, because it is both so beautiful here, and also there is so much work in film here. Though there is a subset I'll make to give four answers. Where would I rather be than Best Buy.

1. Vancouver Film Studios. Shooting X-Men 3, which typically is way behind schedule.

2. Whistler Blackcomb. Only two hours away, and world class skiing. Though getting Dawn to ski the extreme areas may take some convincing and a whole load of lessons first. Thank god I used to instruct skiing.

3. Quesnel, BC. To spend time with my sis Jana.

4. Revelstoke, BC. On our way out here, we spent the night there. I don't know why, but it was a really cool little town along the way. Feels like somewhere we may retire.

Four albums you can't live without:
Well, as it seems, we're here in BC without my hundreds of CD's, so it appears we can live without all our actual albums. But for actual individual songs, I can't live without these four.

1. Weapon of Choice - Fatboy Slim. BEST. MUSIC. VIDEO. EVER. PERIOD.

2. Give it Up - KC and the Sunshine Band. For all the Queen's plumbers out there, I'm sure we all remember the Bus Stop Dance.

3. Sycamore Trees - David Lynch and Jimmy Scott. A chilling reminder to the end of the best television show ever, Twin Peaks.

4. You May Be Right - The Grapes of Wrath. The best song from the band from Kelowna, BC.
*End of update*

Four bloggers you are tagging

1. Laura. She likes memes (I think).
2. Todd. Though I bet he won't do it.
3. Wendy. I'm interested to see her answers.
4. Jimmy Rock. Who knows which blog this will really show up on though.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 18:39
Four Telus Cell Phones you would die for:
1 Motorola Milestone
2 Blackberry Bold
3 Blackberry Pearl
4 Apple iPhone 4
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