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Thursday, January 19, 2006
M.C.F.A.T. Episode VI

Ahh, selling service plan at Best Buy has caused me to put off filling this in until now, and it has also reduced my ability to argue with MCF's inconsistency in numbering (well okay, the first wasn't a true MCFAT).

I'm babbling. Here we go.

1) As you all no doubt remember, back in October [MCF] wrote about popular bands picking up former vocalists of other popular bands. If you could choose any one band and any one singer that have never collaborated, and put them together as a new entity, who would you choose? Have fun with this one. You can mix and match styles and eras, and choose artists living or dead. You might even NAME your creation.

Wow. This is interesting. My brain wants to put together a band just on the basis of various artists, both vocal and instrumental. As such, this band would consist of Trent Reznor on vocals and keyboards, David Gilmour and Pete Townshend on Guitar, Roger Waters on Bass, and Neil Peart on drums.

As to properly answer MCF's question though, I would like to see the godfather himself, Mr. Bob Dylan lead sing in front of Kurt Novoselic and David Grohl, singing a cross between folk and grunge.

2) How would you react in a hostage situation?

I am taking it this question is implying that I'm one of the hostages. As such, I would play along with the hostage takers, waiting my time to be able to make a move and defeat them. I'd probably die the tragic hero in the effort.

3) What is your favorite board game?

Well, this is a tie between Monopoly and Risk. Monopoly is a little more fun, and can be enjoyed a bit more easily, win or lose. Risk, however, in my experience, can get so competitive to the point that I've nearly lost friends over the affair. Hence why I've limited my participation to simply online versions.

4) Which is worse, being buried alive or getting locked in a freezer? Include reasons and potential methods of escape.

Buried alive, hands down is worse. If enough dirt/debris is on top of you, there's very little hope you can even move within the dirt on top of yourself, as you suffocate, alive. Locked in a freezer, you still have possible chances of banging on the door to get some attention for help, and perhaps there may be an implement in the freezer you could use to get yourself out of the freezer.

5) In light of by the "Draw Batgirl" meme [MCF] linked to yesterday, what other characters do you think would be appropriate for a similar meme? Hundreds of people with varying artistic abilities have rendered versions of the character. Some have been cartoonish, some amateur, and others professional. There have been countless variations and deviations, and all have been fun. [MCF isn't] asking for drawings(yet), so don't feel intimidated. Just name a comic character and at a later date I may choose one and invite readers to post their interpretations--and stick figures WILL be welcome.

Well, having worked on X-3, I'll say my favourite two mutants: Magneto and Wolverine. The nice thing with the films is now there's a celebrity face attached, so I would add the condition that some of the comic book is used in combination with the actor (Ian McKellan or Hugh Jackman) only if either incarnation forms some basis of the final drawing.
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