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Sunday, January 22, 2006
One day to go

And this one was inspired by Laura, who felt my recent political posts were just a little bit one sided.

As such, I'm posting here a reasonable cross section of the parties and their stances on the issues. I am, however, restricting my party cross section to just the Liberals, NDP, and Conservatives. The Bloc is not being included as their goal is NOT to form the next government, but rather to be a strong voice for Quebec as the Bloc and Parti Quebecois continue along their sovereign agenda within the oppostition.

I would also like to state I'm staying away from the long debated issue of the economy, as the Gomery Inquiry and the various ecomomic plans have been done to death. Do a google search if you really have to.

So, without further adieu...


Support the military as a peacekeeping force, support rebuilding our forces, but are opposed to American plans such as ballistic missile defence.
My two cents: The Liberals believe our forces are a peacekeeping force first, not a war mongering tribe. However, there may be some pressure from the Conservative to appease the military supportive voters.

Reorient Canada's defence procurement to support the priorities of peacekeeping, peacemaking, humanitarian and environmental support operations (quoted from the NDP site).
My two cents: The NDP doesn't believe in war, but instead would prefer our force be fighting alongside Greenpeace.

A strong Canadian military that has the resources to protect us at home and meet our obligations abroad (quoted from the Conservative site).
My two cents: This should read: "We really wanted to go to war in Iraq, and with us in power we'll be nothing but puppets to the United States, our kings and gods."

Winner: Close between NDP and Liberal, but frankly the Liberals are the better of the two.


Nothing too specific is posted, though there is a section about Respecting Charter Rights. 26% of MP candidates are women.
My two cents: The Liberals don't see any major threats to women's rights as there are other groups that suffer more discrimination.

Have outlined a number of initiatives, including support for pay equity, more money invested into child care and child poverty programs, and increasing minimum wage. 35% of MP candidates are women.
My two cents: The most compassionate stance toward women I've seen in some time.

No plans are identified throughout the whole site. 12% of MP candidates are women.
My two cents: The Conservatives are under mussel, as gaffs in earlier elections have been fatal blows. Why aren't they saying anything? Let's go back to Rick Mercer's Blog for some words from Conservative hopeful David Sweet:
"There's a particular reason why Jesus called men only. It's not that women aren't co-participators. It's because Jesus knew women would naturally follow. Men, on the other hand, had to be called."

Winner: NDP, hands down.

Now, one last topic:


Definitely a touchy point, and a definite gauge as to how "equal" people may be treated in a society. So lets go:

As in the previous point, here's the blurb from their website:
Respecting Charter Rights

The people of Canada have worked hard to build a country that opens its doors to include all, regardless of their differences; that respects all, regardless of their religious beliefs or sexual orientation; that demands equality for all, regardless of the color of their skin.

The Civil Marriage Act is an affirmation of our commitment to protecting minority rights and guaranteeing equality for all. Extending the right to civil marriage for same-sex couples protects the rights of minorities but does not take away the rights of anyone else, be they religious communities or opposite-sex couples.
My two cents: You can't fault the Liberals here. They legalized gay marriages, and are not dinosaurs like other nations impeding freedoms because of archaic, ancient religious beliefs rooted in fear, or priests shagging choirboys.

Nothing that I could find immediately, though with their stance on minority rights and equal rights, they are supportive of gay unions, not against it.
My two cents: They don't want to fight the Conservatives, they feel their major opponent is the Liberals.

Again, suprise, surprise, the Conservatives are musseled. From the past, we know this is the one big group, politically, who stands united against gay marriage.
My two cents: While trying to win former, now undecided Liberal supporters, the Conservatives are hiding their real agenda by promising tax breaks to woo the voters. What's surprising is how quickly voters forget. We'll be sold by tax breaks and economic promises, only to unleash a hardcore, racist social agenda. Remember many Reformists (predecessors to the Conservatives) were also KKK members. Those ideologies still are rooted in the current incarnation of the party.

Winner: Tie (Liberal/NDP)

And the grand result: I'm split between the NDP and Liberals. Both have more compassionate views and their programs involve more money up front as opposed to tax breaks which tend to favour mostly wealthy Canadians. I just hope we can see through the whitewash and do what's right for Canada.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 13:46
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