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Thursday, January 12, 2006
Pierre, what has happened to this country of ours?

Looking at the election polls out, reading all the commentary, watching the mudslinging ads and rallies to try and draw more support in the dwindling days before we all go to vote, the campaign is looking more and more what our loud, brash neighbors to the south experience as an election.

What the hell happened to Canada? Is this whole campaign designed to amalgomate ourselves even more with our increasingly totalitarian neighbors? Now I don't have any issues against our neighbors to the south, just major fundamental differences with how their country is run. I'm still open to bets as to when Bush and company starts encouraging book burnings in town squares.

Where have leaders like Trudeau gone? Or was Pierre's ideal just too strong even for the majority of Canadians to uphold? All Trudeau wanted was a Canada in which we all respected each other, regardless of all the differences in Canada's rich diversity.

Of Trudeau, John Lennon summed it up best:

If all politicians were like Pierre Trudeau, there would be world peace.
Now, am I wrong, but isn't it pretty much a given that the vast majority of people wish to live peacefully within the world? And given that, wouldn't the main principles that Trudeau guided his life, and that of his children, be a good model for both we people to live by, but also, as a guide for our selection of leaders for the direction of the country.

Now, since the Conservatives are leading the polls, let's pick on them first. The party whose electorial strength resides within western Canada, their platform is based on tax cuts and stronger enforcement against crime. The latter I agree with, in part. But before I get to their platform, I feel the need to bring up a ghost from the past.
We take the position that there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation.
Pierre Elliott Trudeau, on the position of decriminalizing homosexuality.
Stephen Harper has played his cards right here. Not too long after the Martin minority government took office, Harper spent millions of dollars on ad campaigns, appealing to religious ethical values, that Canadians unite in banning gay and lesbian marriages. In a fair and peaceful society, Trudeau is right here. What business is it of the governments, or the peoples for that matter, what goes on in a couple's bedroom?

To all you Neo-Conservative-Flanders-Wannabe's out there, GET THE FUCK OVER IT. There is scientific evidence that shows that same sex orientations are in fact biological in nature. And yet you are ready to discriminate against others due to very minor biological differences? That sure as hell isn't my Canada.

As for tax cuts, I'll break it down based on my income. As film work is thin, especially for a permittee such as myself, I'm working at Best Buy, making a sliver above minimum wage. I barely make ends meet. As for the taxes I pay, we'll break it down this way. It's about $100 every two weeks, for income tax. That's $2,600 per year. A 1% tax break would save me, surprise, surprise, $26.00. Wow. I can't even buy a two four for that. Thank you so much Stephen Harper. As for the 1% GST I'll save, because I don't spend much, it will save me around $12.00 extra per month, which works out to $144.00 per year. $170 Total. Thank god I have something to go to in the summer. For the majority of Canadians in this income bracket, they don't have that option. And $170 per year isn't going to help them make significant differences in their lives, Mr. Harper. Mr. Martin was right about that.

Which brings me to the Liberals. Far removed from Trudeau's glory days, Paul Martin is trying to win another election in the aftermath of the findings of the Gomery report, where millions of tax dollars were misappropriated. Though I do generally support the Liberals, there is no ultimate way Liberal minded people can justifiably keep the Liberals accountable without a major comprimise of our basic values. The NDP is truly that other option, though many still consider them like the team that barely missed the playoffs, playing spoiler.

Jack Layton has ressurected a near dead party into a potential threat to our polar view on politics. Unfortunately, very few take him seriously. Do remember it was Tommy Douglas, the Greatest Canadian, as the leader of the NDP, who brought us our prized Health Care plan.

Not to leave the Bloc out, Gilles Duceppe is still the most honest politician on the planet, though he opposes Trudeau's one fundamental goal for Canada. United with Quebec as a whole, not seperated as two halves.

So, after the millions of tax dollars spent on this election, we'll have yet another minority government. And the trend isn't stopping. We need fresh blood now. And we need Canadians to wake up and realize we don't have polarized elections like they have in the States.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 01:24
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