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Friday, January 20, 2006
So 36% of Canada is going to vote Conservative

Yup, at the point of this post, 36% of Canadians are likely to vote for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.

What can it mean? Well, to keep things simple, Mr. Harper, amongst all the fine print, has outlined the following key issues.

1. Accountability, seeing there is no governmental corruption.
2. Cutting taxes, most specifically, the GST.
3. Being tougher on crime, while reducing restrictions for gun ownership, and developing a DNA registry program.
4. $100 per month for child care for parents of children under six, though the critics claim the money will go to beer.
5. Stand up for communities, which doesn't detail anything and looks like a pile of bullshit being fed to us to make us think they're nice.
6. Stand up for Canada, which really means having more money in the military.

However, where are their stances on other key issues? Rights for minority groups? Rights for women? Health care? The majority of websites are suspiciously silent about such issues, like the party and their candidates have been told to shut their mouth. Maybe the Tories finally figured out about the gaff Harper made last election, when he declared that he'd have supported George W. Bush in the illegal war (well, by United Nations standards) they waged in Iraq, which was supposed to be about nuclear weapons, then freedom. We all know it was about military contract and oil money.

Anyway, back to business. What about the social issues? Well, from my post here, we know they are dead set against gay marriage. Maybe a bunch of the candidates were choir boys, loved by the priests in their churches?

As for other issues, I have to reference this post at Rick Mercer's Blog.

Health Care
"I do support the idea of private health care."
Jason Kenney, Calgary Southeast.
"Nelson Mandela is a terrorist."
Rob Anders, Calgary West
"Immigrants are choking welfare systems, contributing to high unemployment, and many cannot read."
Art Hanger, Calgary Northeast
I think you get the point. However, do take the time to read the post before you vote Monday. I don't know about you, but this is definitely NOT the Canada I want to live in.

Choose your Canada.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 18:13
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