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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
What a 24 hours that it was

Why can't I just have the bad days limited to work? Seeing as I'm not currently working in my chosen field (as current readers can attest, the film industry in Vancouver tends to be a tad seasonal), I tend to take the Red Forman attitude towards work:
Work isn't about fun. It's about work. It's about how much crap you take from the bossman, then, taking some more.
But, nevertheless, the last 24 hours haven't been executed to plan.

The Canucks lost. Twice. To the two worst teams in the Western Conference. St. Louis and Columbus.

Mario Lemieux retired. Again.

Chris Penn died. Farewell Nice Guy Eddie.

And of course, the Liberals were defeated last night in the wake of a Conservative minority government. I'm not going to do a specific link. Learn to use Google.

Yes, Stephen Harper finally became Prime Minister. So what can we expect? Well the good of it is he's determined to lower taxes. Though ethically it may not be the wisest decision as I worry about our valued government programs, such as health care, may have to undergo cuts as well to save us some tax dollars. Is it worth my case of beer I can now buy each month? Probably not.

As for the down side, I worry immensely about the neo-Conservative social agenda which magically was hidden (under muzzle restraint) during the election Campaign. A ban on gay marriage. Reduction in women's rights. Us going to war in Iraq, or any country other than Afghanistan, under the guise of fighting terror, where the real purpose is to trade blood for oil profits, due to the declining indigenous American oil industry. Reduction of minority rights. Thankfully, it is a Conservative MINORITY, and as such, they can't push the envelope too far, less being defeated too soon. Just like the man with no spine, Joe Clark.

With Paul Martin announcing his resignation as Liberal leader, the thought is that Harper won't have any major threats to his minority for over a year. So he's gotta watch his P's and Q's if he wants to be re-elected. If that social agenda comes on too strong, he's in deep deep trouble.


This is looking too much like two situations. 1968 and 1979. Liberals facing a new leader, with no obvious successor. In both instances, we came out of both situations with Pierre Trudeau, the greatest leader of the 20TH century, Prime Minister with a majority government.

Now we must bide our time, and wait for Harper to fuck up. It's bound to happen. His big fat mouth, attached to his face, ploughed through with a bag of spanners, will open and shock the electorate, mandating a drastic change.

Until then, I shall do my utmost to hold Mr. Harper accountable for the promises I LIKE.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 22:46
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