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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Canada's 3 signs of the apocalypse (4 to go)

And seeing as both Canada and the USA are electing religious, brain dead morons into power, we are now seeing signs of the apocalypse, which are signposts that we are near the end of the world.

For your approval, I submit the following signs:

1. Stephen Harper, the man who has about as much personality as a brick wall, gets elected as Canada's 22nd (shudder again... my number in hockey was 22) Prime Minister, on a platform that guarantees accountability in the government. Do keep in mind that the Conservatives (well, the old Progressive Conservatives) last held office some 13 years ago. Here's a hint Canada. None of these guys have experience running the country. How on earth can they be accountable. Funnily, this theme will continue.

2. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, now in power, defy their pledge of accountability right off the bat (not that this is a shocker) by luring David Emerson of the riding of Vancouver-Kingsway from the Liberal opposition to the official government, allowing him to hold his post as Minister of International Trade. Some say this was in spite of Belinda Stronach's defection to the Liberals late last spring. However, Stephen harshly criticized the change, demanding she go back to the electorate to get a mandate from the people. Simply put, have a bi-election. That's what they are there for. To replace MP's who step down or make changes. But surprise, surprise, in the eye for an eye philosophy, Harper now endorses such actions. Will Emerson go back to his voters? Probably not. He knows he'll lose. But Harper now won't force the issue. Accountability is not his priority. Accountability made the Liberals look bad. Haper's true priority: his conservative social agenda: banning gay marriage, reducing arts funding, militarization, and being a doormat to the USA are his true priorities. Not that any of this should be a surprise now.

3. Sadly, Wayne Gretzky has been linked to Rick Tocchet's alleged involvement in a gambling ring in New Jersey. To paraphrase a cliche from 1920, involving the Chicago White Sox and Shoeless Joe Jackson, "Say it ain't so Wayne. Say it ain't so!"

Well, three down, four to go.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 23:04
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