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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Conservative Accountability

See Oxymoron. Other examples of an oxymoron?

Jumbo Shrimp
Civil War
Military Intelligence
Defensive Forward (see Frank J. Selke Trophy)
Microsoft Works
President Bush
Canadian Dollar

Well, it seems that the residents of Vancouver Kingsway are definitely showing disdain toward the defection of their re-elected MP David Emerson. Ironically (or maybe not ironically) it seems the entire web presence of the traitor to his people has vanished. How do his constituents contact him?

Well, as such, I have found two petitions calling for his resignation. They are here and here. If you, like I, do not feel that is enough, and want to hold Harper accountable to the values he held true as the opposition leader, email him:

Stephen Harper

And keep at him until something is done. It is our responsibility to keep these fucktards accountable. Don't buy into their propaganda, else we will suffer the same fate as our neighbours to the south.
neolithic pondered at 01:18
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