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Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Definitely not the hot cuppa I like in the AM

I must say it took me a bit of time mulling this one over in my head before I could even negotiate a suitable response to these wonderful pieces of propaganda cropping up all over the last bastion of freedom in the world, the internet. To save a rather boring, lengthy history lesson, many of our freedoms we take for granted are depleting rapidly under the dogma of "fighting unknown terrors."

And on that note, brings me to my point. And yes, I promise I will keep this short and sweet. Based on virtually every election I can remember, a certain pattern occurs. Party A makes a set of promises. Party B makes a seperate set of promises. Party C makes a third set. And so on for all the different parties running. The people elect one of these choices based on what policies and promises fit their mood at the time. Once in power, the elected party tends to reneg on some to all of the campaign promises they made. Voters become apathetic. People lose faith in the system. Politicians become more corrupt.

Nothing here should be a shock. If so, then I suggest you LEAVE AMERICA NOW! Anyhow, fast forward to Harper's election campaign. Accountability. Hit the Liberals when they are down, the guilty finger pointed squarely at them in the wake of the Gomery report. Suggest legislation to hold the government more accountable for their actions. Of course, Harper's accountability went flying out of the window only two weeks after being elected. See David Emerson if you have any questions. Or, if you're from the USA and don't know Mr. Emerson, Google him. It is obvious Mr. Harper was not sincere about political accountability, at least beyond using it to make Mr. Martin look bad in comparison. What a fucking shock.

So how can governments be held accountable. Put simply, by us, the electorate. It is not only our right to be able to excersise our right of freedom of speech, it is our responsibility to use it to keep those lying bastards politicians accountable, be they Conservative, Liberal, New Democrat, Bloc, or the like. Only by encouraging an atmosphere of free thought and free voice can we all have the courage to question our elected public SERVANTS, to keep them honest (well, at least relatively honest), and we can progress as a truly free society.

As for the poster and those like it, they simply do one thing. Inspire fear. Fear of questioning authority. Fear of the machine. Just shut the fuck up and you won't get hurt. But consider this. What can be accomplished without any risk?
neolithic pondered at 21:26
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