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Monday, February 27, 2006
Don Cherry's Nightmare

Happened early Sunday morning (well Sunday morning to the point of view of us types living on the west coast). Yes, for the second time in olympic history, Sweden won the gold medal in Men's hockey. Maybe I'm showing my age, but I just have this feeling the whole situation is not sitting well with Grapes.

Yes, I can remember when Grapes got big. Back in the late 80's, in my high school days (gawd has it been that long?) Coaches corner was a fixture for Hockey Night in Canada, and the first in many Rock'em Sock'em Hockey volumes (which have now morphed into Don Cherry volumes). Amongst his support for fighting, good hits, and great plays, the other thing that constantly came out of his mouth was the word "Swede". Cherry hated the Swedes. At that point, a much higher percentage of players were born in North America, most in Canada, and some in the USA. And there was a small, but growing faction of European players joining the NHL, with Swedish players being the largest number in the group. As such, all the problems of the league were blamed on the Swedes by Grapes.

But it didn't stop there. If you were from Finland, you were a Swede. If you were from the former Czechoslovakia, you were a Swede. When Russian players started flocking to the NHL, they too were Swedish. With their chippy play and rat-like behaviours (in Grapes' opinion), it was undermining the great game of hockey.

Maybe Cherry has changed his ways. Or maybe he's just cleaned up his act. At 72, it could be a safe bet that the dog can't learn new tricks, and has just been muzzled by the CBC in this age of political correctness.

Though it's a bitter pill that the Canadian Men did not finish with a medal, let alone the gold we were all expecting, it must be an especially bitter pill for Grapes to swallow that Sweden won gold as well. But maybe that's what happens when you sell out all of Canada to support the dollars and Toronto, aka New York Junior.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 01:16
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