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Saturday, February 04, 2006
Dumb Question of the Day

Oh boy. Today in hell Best Buy, for Home Theatre, it's touted as one of the busiest days short of boxing day. Why, you may ask? Simply put in two words. Super Bowl. Though these days, there's nothing super about it. Most matches I remember were rather lop-sided, it really sits as a stage for commercialism, and to trump it all, the game played is so incorrectly named football. The game bears more resemblance to rugby than football, though to aggrivate North American "Rugby" supporters, I like to tell them they should rename their sport "Soccer". And for the Canadians, why aren't you passionate about the CFL (or should that be CRL) in the same way you are about the NARL?

But that's just my pet peeve.

As our joyous day of non-commission though buy all the accessories because we have to encourage you to and acheive results sales began, the phone started ringing off the hook. The very first caller (which was perfectly in sync with the front door opening, I might add), simply had a technical question.

"I bought a Toshiba LCD television, and I looked at the back, but there's nowhere on the TV to plug my cables into? What do I do?"

Well, after a good fit of laughter, while the customer was on hold (okay I'm not as mean as I make myself out... well always) I picked the line back up and informed the customer there is a panel that covers it up, and needs to be removed. The customer followed my instructions and then remarked, in some last ditch attempt to save face that "I thought I'd break the panel if I did that."

I would just naturally assume this is what she ended up seeing after removing the cosmetic, cable tidying panel:

So, just as a note, be sure brain is in gear before assembling television.

As a sidenote, the day got exponentially worse from that point on. I'm just curious as to how many people on Monday take advantage of the 30 day return policy and not actually have to pay for the big TV they probably dirtied, in some cases broke, while watching "the Big Game." My comment to those? The big football game that day is at Stamford Bridge, as Chelsea plays host to Liverpool.

Go Reds!!!
neolithic pondered at 22:22
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