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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
M.C.F.A.T. Episode VII

Well, one attempt and one loss has taught me one thing. On such a long post, save as draft numerous times. D'oh! Anyway, here we go...

1) On Friday, [MCF] wrote about The Physics of Superheroes, and cited the example of Schrodinger's cat. What do you think of that theoretical example? Does lack of an observer allow for the simultaneous existence of contrary realities? In other words, if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it both make a sound and not make a sound?

As to the example of Schrodinger's cat, I do not think the lack of an observer constitutes the existence of contrary realities. I think his theory proves applicable in systems in which transition between the two contrary realities is mutual, not unilateral. Excluding the argument of wether or not the cat is aware of it's own mortality, and if the cat is aware of the impending doom that could be impaled upon it by the "macabre" device, the cat cannot exists within both realities as death is ultimately irreversible. As such, the eventual observer is left with the question if the cat is dead or alive, with a 50% chance of either result. The cat's mortality does not bounce back and forth like a solution in a state of equilibrium. And due to our own knowledge of mortality, it would take someone with extreme ignorance of the nature of life and death to truly believe that the cat could simultaneously be both dead and alive.

The example that comes to mind that more accurately defines this apparent paradox of reality is the theory of duality between matter and energy, initially developed by Albert Einstein, and his famous equation, E=mc2. One of the more current models of the atom defines the space in which an electron exists around it is not a fixed orbit, but in fact a probability space termed an orbital. Even the electron in many instances is described not as a spherical particle, but rather a standing wave of electromagnetic energy, that at times exhibits properties of matter, most importantly, mass. This equilibrium of duality can suggest that matter at instances exhibit properties of energy, and energy, contrarily, can exibit properties of matter. Thusly, matter can allow for the simultaneous existence of contrary realities, as can matter.

As for the tree falling in the forest, I feel this example is irrelevant due to the simple difference between physical sound and percieved sound. Physical sound is simply the compression and expansion of air molecules, which occurs every time a tree falls (provided there is the presence of an atmosphere). Percieved sound, however, is the effect on the observer (well okay, listener) who is present while the vibration is produced and radiated. If the observer is in the forest, there is percieved sound. If the observer is absent, there is no perceived sound. Since the two concepts of sound are distinctly different, they are therefore not contrary forms, and do not create the discussed paradox.


2) What is your favorite color? Why?

Erm... black maybe? For the longest time, I thought it was because of my love of industrial music back in my university and post university days, being a gigantic fan of Nine Inch Nails, and dressing very consistently in all black, even while working professionally. I can still remember that "little talk" where I was asked in not so polite a fashion not to look like a depressed soul when GM and Chrysler were in shop to visit. However, upon further self reflection, it really boils back to one date. May 25th 1977. When I first saw this figure on the big screen.

Yes, you can say obsessed at any time now. But still, looking at all six movies, I see too many character similarities. Creepy.

3) Choose an actor or actress whose work you enjoy. What is the first project you recall him or her starring in? Next, check IMDB. What was their first starring role, and have you seen it?

Well, to be increasingly awkward, I'm going to pick an actor I have actually worked on set with. As such, I shall pick Hugh Jackman. Sorry Tom Welling, I just can't pick you with a clean conscience. Besides, I don't like your roles. Or acting. Or lack thereof. As for the first role I recall him working in, it was the original film which spawned the sequel I worked on, X-Men, the sequel being X3. As for the IMDB result, I shall post two. Television and Film. As for television, it was Correlli, an Australian prison/romance drama. He had one small role on television previously, but as it isn't starring, it's not mentioned. For feature film, the first was Paperback Hero, an Australian feature. It seems I need to brush up on my cinematic viewing from down under. However, I shall still avoid Crocodile Dundee like the plague.

4) Who is your favourite corporate mascot? Who is your least favourite?

Well, I definitely have not sold my soul to the coporate world. I'm sure reading this blog can attest to most of that. As such, unlike the Simpsons, my soundtrack is not the Oscar Mayer hot dog theme. So what corporate mascot could I like? Hmmm. Being Canadian, hockey is a high priority, and the most corporate version of hockey would be the NHL. So wouldn't a team mascot be a corporate mascot then? As such, my favourite corporate mascot would be....

Yup, none other than Fin.

As for my least favourite mascot, it's a toss up between two. One for personal reasons, one for professional reasons. Personally, the Burger King King

creeps the living shit outta me. As for the professional, it has to be the idiotic Best Buy Price Tag

What an unimaginative, unnamed mascot. It represents the same creativity existing in the higher ups.

5) How would you deal with being a superhero? Would you maintain a secret identity, lying to even those closest to you to protect them, or would you operate publicly as a full-time hero?

There's only one faulty assumption here. That I would naturally use my powers completely for the cause of good, on the basis of that old cliche, circa 1950's American values represent true good. My perspective on good and evil is unique to my personal point of view, and how I act on good may not be politically correct to the majorities viewpoint. As such, I wouldn't have the secret identitiy thing going. Rather, I'd probably operate with an association not afraid to hide their prowess, such as the Brotherhood of Mutants, which ironically is led by my all time favourite comic book character, Magneto.

That is all.
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