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Tuesday, February 21, 2006
M.C.F.A.T. Episode VIII - Suck my Sith

Yes MCF, boredom is a terrible curse. So here we go.

1) From any television show past or present, which character would you wish to have as a sidekick in real life? Valid answers include but are not limited to talking vehicles, intelligent animals, ghosts, sassy maids and more.

Why, why, why, WHY does this have to be limited to the world of Television, the domain for commercial value, thusly suffocating any and all hopes for artistic merit in this strain of media?

Well that goes for American programming. So, once again, my answer will come from the realm of Canadian Television. And my pick???

Yes, none other than Marg Delahunty, in her recurring role as Marg, Warrior Princess. Yes, the one lady who would march up to Parliament a la Xena (though not in the same physical condition as Lucy Lawless) and question the Prime Minister and other MP's about their various gaffs and blunders. Marg, come back to This Hour Has 22 Minutes already!!

2) Guns 'N Roses might be releasing a new album this year. If you could hear a new CD from a band that's no longer together, possibly with deceased members, what band would that be?

Very simply, the greatest band ever to grace the face of this planet.


Roger Waters reunited with the band for Live 8 last July, now it just makes sense that they release something new.

3) What's the worst thing a person could ask you on a job interview, and how would you respond?

Well, seeing as my career field of choice is not so much about having job interview, but much more about networking, and for the union, dispatch via seniority. As such, anytime I have a job interview, it really is for the day job at the times film work tends to slow down.

So for the worst thing I could be asked, "Why are you leaving the film business?" tops the list. Normally being an honest person, it breaks me to have to lie and say something to the effect that I have an issue with heights, and really am rethinking lighting. Heights do marginally bother me, though I have learned to deal with it. I am not, however, rethinking existencence in film. I wouldn't get hired at McDonalds (and I tried last winter in desperation) being honest saying that my prime motive is employment in film and television. Hence I must be devious in that regard with my employers, else I would not survive the winters, which is the slow season for the film industry here in Canada.

4) What do you consider your greatest weakness, and greatest strength?

My greatest weakness and strength is the same thing. My intellect. I do love my Zen answers about things. It is a weakness because I overthink virtually everything I do, which affects my confidence and response time. It is my greatest strength because in any situation I face, I know I can think my way through things.

5) Who is your favorite game show host and why? If you don't watch game shows, you can skip this question or choose some random individual you’d enjoy as a host.

Well, I have to go Canadian again here (big shock by this point in the equation) and pick none other than Monty Hall. Nothing beats a man who can convince someone to trade hundreds and thousands of dollars in cash, vacations, or appliances for a tricycle.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 22:17
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