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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
What really grinds my gears... The work edition

And surprisingly enough, this starts with Best Buy, though isn't directed at them. Well much.

Anyhow, as the major impulse purchase season has come and gone, and sales revenues are down, management has seen fit to cut hours. As such, I'm down to a good 4 days per week, and this coming week another 30 minutes has been trimmed from my schedule. What kind souls.

As such, my name is back in the hat for IATSE. Hopefully next month I can get some calls. It's still too slow to really expect anything in the next few weeks. So, my days off are filled with pure fun at Labour Unlimited. Yes, nothing like spending a day jackhammering and only getting paid for 4 hours worth of it. Why only four hours? Because I'm not returning, and the tightass English foreman, named Colin (Dawn, that was just for you), took it as a personal insult that I had commitments outside of a temp labour agency. Gits. In retrospect, it's only a $3 difference in pay, but what kind of a company is really that cheap (working on a home in Shaugnessy, a very to-do neighborhood) to shortchange a guy working hard labour just to make their budget.

Well, it is the age of Harper. Cut costs and taxes on the backs of the poor. As such, to all the corporations cutting costs by fucking employees, and to Mr. Harper, who is fucking the poor to give tax cuts that really only benefit the rich, I hereby give you

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 23:19
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