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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
You know what really grinds my gears - Olympic Edition

You know what really grinds my gears? The hippocritical, double standard that exists within sport, as it applies to our neighbour south of the border, the Good Ol' lying twats, the USA. Just check out the remarks made by USA defenceman Angela Ruggiero about Canada's first two matches, which, if you haven't been following, have been won 16-0 over Italy and 12-0.
"I'm upset that Canada has been running up the score, especially against the host nation," Ruggiero was quoted Monday on SI.com, Sports illustrated's website. "There was no need for that. They're trying to pad their stats . . . Canada is running up the score for whatever reasons - personal, short-term."
Source: TSN
Now, I don't know about you, but I've always regarded the Olympics as a showcase where athletes bring their best over 16 days. So guess what? Sometimes the medal calibre athletes defeat rookies and athletes definitely not considered medal hopefuls by large, convincing margins. To this I ask just this question. Is it still not a great honour to be chosen to participate in the games, and to share the world stage in an event ultimately designed to encourage peaceful activity between nations? One where the only international competition is to garner the best score or time, not to wage war. Well, there is one difference to the typical American attitude.

As to certain logistics of to how the hockey tournament works, tiebreakers can come to goal differential. And seeing as how Canada is a team who is legitimately vying for a medal, we have to win by the largest margin possible to ensure entry into later rounds. Angela, if you can't handle that, then get off the ice and let the real hockey players compete.

And Angela, it might be wise to look at recent history. The pinnacle event that led to pro athletes universally being allowed to participate (yes there was a time when Olympians were required to be Amatuer) was Basketball in 1992. Yes, this allowed you Americans to play your pros, making your world team a literal collection of the best athletes on the planet, head and shoulders above the rest. And here were your results:

USA 116 Angola 48
USA 103 Croatia 70
USA 111 Germany 68
USA 127 Brazil 83
USA 122 Spain 81
USA 115 Puerto Rico 77
USA 127 Lithuania 76
USA 117 Croatia 85

Yet Angela, I'm sure you didn't complain one bit when team USA was pounding the hardwood with the rest of the world. It seems America has a double standard when it comes to running the score. It's okay if they do it, but when America's chances to win gold are comprimised, thus misproving their dominance to everyone, if not use it as a propaganda point to their own populace, point running is then deemed "unsportsmanlike". This is based on an assumption that being American could be akin to sportsmanship. To Angela, I hereby award you

And that's what really grinds my gears.
neolithic pondered at 18:32
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