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Friday, March 03, 2006
How Stephen Harper regards our freedoms

Well, it seems the David Emerson saga just won't go away, much to the chagrin of the incumbent Conservative party. Yes, Ethics commissioner Bernard Shapiro is conducting an investigation into the events and circumstances surrounding the defection of Liberal elected, now Conservative MP and Minister of International Trade David Emerson, as to wether Emerson, Harper, or both have been involved in any conflict of interest.

David Emerson, still reluctant to engage heavily with the press, remaining secluded, agreed to whatever terms were set out by Mr. Shapiro.

Stephen Harper, however, took an all too familiar stance toward the investigation. As per Sandra Buckler, the Prime Minister's director of communications has stated today:
"The Prime Minister is loath to co-operate with an individual whose decision-making ability has been questioned, moreover who has been found in contempt of the House,"

"This Liberal appointee's actions have strengthened the Prime Minister's resolve to create a truly non-partisan ethics commissioner, who is accountable to Parliament."
Well, it's becoming increasingly apparent that the Prime Minister's accountability has lasted as long as newspaper in a lit fireplace.

Isn't it funny how it's Conservative types who supported more investigative rights for the authorities in the wake of 9/11, when us liberal types complained about the comprise? Their response? "If you have done nothing wrong, what have you to worry about?"

Well Mr. Harper, what have you done wrong? Simple. You comprised you're own values, where in the past you slammed MP's such as Belinda Stronach for crossing the floor when it detracted from your party, but then endorse it when the crossing of the floor benefits your party. You sir, are a two faced liar with no accountability.

Instead, you attack the freedom to investigate these actions, discrediting the Ethics commissioner by linking him with the corruption of the Liberal governments of the past. Is that your only card, Mr. Harper. "We're not as bad as them?"

At your current rate though, and thankfully for Canada, your current pace won't allow your recent surge in popularity, based on an artificial sense of accountability, to last to the next election.

I am just wondering what Mr. Harper's response would be to a thorough investigative piece of journalism by Canada's most daring location reporter, Marg Delahunty...

I just wonder how Harper will respond to the creative freedoms of our press?

That is all.

Source: CBC article.
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