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Saturday, March 25, 2006
I've been tagged... again...

Yes, my dear beloved bride to be has tagged me with this meh-me.

So, as such...

Accent: I'm Canadian. I don't have one.

Booze of Choice: Well, in the past it has been Rye and Coke, though I'm cutting heavily back on the Coke to keep my teeth healthier. Damn being in my thirties and thinking more health consciously. As such, my booze of choice is an ice cold Stella Artois.

Chore I hate: Anything to do with cleaning.

Dog or Cat: Well, in our current apartment, could be neither. I do prefer cats. They're much more evil.

Essential Electronics: A Mac G5, which is still on the long term wish list. Still working on getting out of Best Buy. Then I'll be able to save.

Favorite Perfume: Erm... how do I bring this to your attention. I'm a GUY. I don't wear perfume.

Gold or Silver: Gold. Something we sorely missed in Men's Hockey this year, though our Women held up the fort admirably.

Hometown: Montreal, PQ. Though being in British Columbia now, Burnaby feels just as much like home now. Too bad for that 20 odd year stint in Ontario.

Insomnia: I did suffer with bouts five years back, but Dawn takes good care of me now, and I do get at least some rest on a night.

Job Title: At Best Buy, it's Home Theatre Specialist. In IATSE, it's Lamp Operator. Can't wait for some calls in April.

Kids: None that I know of.

Living Arrangements: A one bedroom apartment, renovated from a garage. As odd as it sounds, it's quite comfortable (though the circuit breaker for the heater trips more often than is convenient). I'm still working out how I could fit in a Mac G5 spacewise into the place as it's a better option for editing than a Powerbook.

Most Admired Trait: I didn't know I had admired traits. Though, keeping everything in perspective, probably my resiliency.

# of Sexual Partners: At one time, one. Lifetime, more than one.

Over Night Hospital stays: Too many that I care to remember. Most recent one? In Windsor, eight years back, after I had my two front teeth knocked out in a street fight outside a club. Yes I was a cocky little hellraiser.

Phobia: Heights, and yes I'm in film lighting. Wonder if I have any motivation to shift into editing and post production. Though at times it can almost paralyze me, I do force myself to do more with heights, and have pushed my barriers a ton.

Quote: How ironic? Rogers... it almost rhymes with... eliminate.

Religion: Well, I don't think that Sith Lord counts, and I'm definitely not amalgamated into Christianity, so I'd have to say some odd spiritual cross between indigenous North American beliefs crossed with Zen Buddhism, sprinkled heavily with a strong tendency toward scientific thought.

Siblings: None biologically. A sis in Quesnel who I swear we were seperated at her birth, and my best mate, who's been like a brother since the days back in diapers in Montreal.

Time I wake up: Too bloody early. Every. Single. Day.

Unusual Skill: Too many. Can wiggle my ears. Can perform complex arithmetic in my head. Can climb up almost anything.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Most of them, especially cooked.

Worst Habit: Worrying too much about everything and taking responsibility to the point I blame myself far too much.

X-Rays: Head, chest, knees, mouth (at the dentist), wrist, elbow, shoulder, ankles.

Yummy Food I Can Make: Swiss Chalet sauce for chicken (though that's in a packet), Pasta, and I can de-ketchup canned pasta sauce.

Moment of Zen: My first day on set here in Vancouver, surpisingly on Smallville. Made up for all the shit of the past year and a half.

Now, who to tag, who to tag...

All ten people who read this blog regularly. You know who you are.

That is all.
neolithic pondered at 12:36
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