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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
M.C.F.A.T. Episode IX - Family Sith

Wow... either I'm incredibly busy, or these are coming by faster and faster. I still enjoy taking them though.

Feeling the hate flow through me...

1) From any current television series, who is the last character you'd want to see killed off? Who's the first?

Well, very simply, by reading my blog regularly, looking at my banner, or ever having talked to me, you would know the one character I'd hate to see killed off would be one Stewart Gilligan Griffin from Family Guy. One would think that Lois Griffin, by default, would be the one I would like to see killed off first, but frankly every great character needs their nemesis around. Though I am getting tired of the "nobody cares about Meg/Ron" jokes (Meg had a sex change in Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin, the Untold Story), having Meg killed off would just open up room for better parodies and retarded Peter humour, amongst Stewies never ending plans for world domination and the head of his mother.

2) What are the best and worst finanacial investments a person could make?

The best financial investment someone could make? Well, you could argue between bonds, mutual funds, stocks, and so on. The best move of all of them? Getting a financial plan set out and ACTIVE at a young age in life. The longer money has in an investment, on average, the more money it will yield. As for the worst financial investment one could make? Waffles. Tasty Waffles, covered in plenty of syrup...

3) Think of the worst superpower you could have, either from an existing character or one you make up, and explain how you would learn to live with it.

Sorry Anna Paquin, but it's Rogue's ability to absorb the lifeforce (and mutant powers, where applicable) of others. Having to restrict most to all of your physical contact can be very isolating, along with living with the horrors of those who you have contacted can be vererodingng to the soul. Being isolated mostly already, except for Dawn, the lack of contact would not be much of a change. As for the dark parts of other's souls, I'd just create more excuses to let the hate flow through me. A close second? When the Griffins fell into the puddle of toxic waste, and gained super powers, Meg gained the ability to grow and shrink her finger nails. How redundant. It makes here even more socially awkward.

4) What's the worst dating experience you've ever had?

Well, as many of you know, Dawn and I met over the net. Before Dawn and I got together, there were a couple of "others" that I actually have met. One, we'll just call G. When I was in Ontario, G was living in New York State. After a couple of visits, I invited G to my cousin's wedding. Well, because G didn't want to drive to Ontario, as she felt she'd fall asleep at the wheel, I drove 5 hours there to pick her up, then worked upon reaching home, worked the Friday, wedding Saturday, spent time with her and the family Sunday, and drove her back Sunday night and came back Monday morning to go back to work. After all that she broke up with me the very next day.

5) Would you ever appear on television? In what capacity? Sitcom star? Dramatic actor? Talk or game show host? Reality contestant?

Well, I have appeared on television (well community access anyhow). Back when I lived in Canada's armpit, Windsor, Ontario, I appeared several times on a local sports talk show, a take on Off The Record. As for future appearancesnces, I would love to guest voice on Family Guy, as well if I ever produce television programming, I'd love to show up from time to time as a background or minor character, a la Kevin Smith or Alfred Hitchcock.

Hat tip to MCF for a good round of questions.

That is all.
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