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Monday, March 20, 2006
My Favourite type of People

Leave it to a week of writer's block to begin to open up the floodgates of posts. I would like to make two remarks in this short post.

Firstly, to Samantha, yes, I am aware you made a why Conservatives should become Liberals post too. I just didn't find it quite as funny as mine.

Secondly, to the mystery person (or would it be feline) Cat. It seems my bashing of Country Music (is that an oxymoron) struck a chord with the mystery person. And I say mystery person because Cat did not leave neither a blog/website address nor did he/she leave an email. Now fair enough, not everybody on the 'net publishes a blog, nor maintains a website. However, almost everybody has an email address. Who on here doesn't at least have a Yahoo/Hotmail/Gmail addy anyhow?

So yes, Cat fits into my favorite category of people. Those who put their two cents of poison pen in, but leave no contact as to who they are or how to find them. Cat, you showed about as much courage as a big schoolyard bully beating up a skinny weakling.

Now, for those of you who have been reading from the beginning, the first post of this blog was this disclaimer. For the follow the click impaired, it makes a couple of points. First, most posts on here are JOKES, though I can't guarantee the humour will be all that funny. Secondly, if you can't take a joke, DON'T BE ONE.

To all of that, I'd like to add a little. I post what I like, when I like to. Not that any of my work is in high demand. No, I will not delete anything from a post because someone may find it offensive, nor will I delete a comment. Comments I hate will be subjugated to flaming by my poison pen at will. I support freedom of speech. If you don't like it, instead of whinging, I suggest just not tuning in.

As for Cat, I hereby award you...

That is all.
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